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Collection of 100 gem-like variations on Chuvash and Tatar Folkloric Themes


These “variations” on folkloric themes are born out of the Chuvash and Turkic motifs that Aygi grew up with, and which Aygi and France have collected in their work on Chuvash poetry. A Turkic language, Chuvash is spoken by about a million and a half people in and around Chuvashia—formerly an autonomous republic of the USSR—located 500 miles east of Moscow. Now in his 60s, Aygi continues to be celebrated as the Chuvash national poet, and as a major poet of the Russian language.


Gennady Aygi and Peter France have collaborated on numerous books, including Gennady Aygi: Selected Poems 1954-94 (translated by Peter France), and An Anthology of Chuvash Poetry (compiled by Gennady Aygi and translated by Peter France).

Salute—to Singing, by Gennady Aygi

  • Salute—to Singing 
    By Gennady Aygi
    from Russian by Peter France
    ISBN 0-939010-69-0 (paper) 
    5¼ x 7½
    96 pages [bilingual Russian/English]

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