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Relocations is a highly enjoyable collection of poetry introducing the English-language world to three incredibly diverse and talented women poets writing in Russian that could be as meaningful to a casual fan of poetry as to a comparative literature scholar. [full review]
—Will Evans, Three Percent

Yu Xiang’s poems are the poetic equivalent of shoegazer rock. She takes the mundane—a whiff of cigarette smoke, a falling leaf, a housefly—and stares at it so intently that it splits open to reveal something unexpected. [full review]
—Naomi Long Eagleson, Words Without Borders

Różycki is a cultural ambassador of a particular generational experience: that of the grandchildren of the Poles moved west from their eastern cities. His generation, like mine, represents new growth of old family lines in new soil. [full review]
—Nicole Zdeb, The Quarterly Conversation

That a rare poet like Bai Hua has an accomplished poet like Fiona Sze-Lorrain to bring his work to an English-speaking audience is wonderful. The result is a beautiful collection that helps the reader understand a poet of such quiet restraint and largeness of heart. [full review]
—Zafar Anjum, Kitaab, Asia+n writing in English

The title of the book [Wind Says] succinctly characterizes Bai's style—restless, murmuring, with an impressionistic brevity of image—and also displays Sze-Lorrain's translating prowess. [full review]
—Henry W. Leung,

Paul Klee’s Boat, Anzhelina Polonskaya’s [latest book], is an emotional journey through the bleakest seasons of the human soul, translated with great nuance by Andrew Wachtel… a vital addition to the contemporary poetry canon, a collection as interesting as it is touching that will inevitably be remembered for years to come. [full review]
—Will Evans, Three Percent

Motherless Child is a superbly wrought romantic page-turner that has elements in it of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, with more than a touch of the latter’s gothic essence. [full review]
—Bill Gladstone, Canadian Jewish News

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